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We operate as a creative collective of experienced designers, thinkers and programmers working together with a shared passion to create meaningful interactions that inspire positive change. With this belief in mind, our creatives and producers are as committed to Ministry of MEDIA as we are to them, opening up the opportunity to work on extraordinary projects with inspiring clients and in an inspiring culture.


As guardians of your project, we curate our creatives based on technical and design capabilities, previous project experience, personality and the right attitude. Because only through clear insight of your business goals and curating the best 'man' for the job, can we deliver more than is expected for every project. 


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Jacco Houbiers
Creative Director
Gavin Alosery
Visual & Interactive Design
Marike Ooms
Copy & Text Writer
Marijn den Hartog
Marketing & Strategy
Ayla Ryan
Text and Copy writer
Carianne van Raak
Concept & Art Direction
Roland van der Eijnden
Robin Piets
Creative Front End Developer & Interaction Designer
Leoni Selby
Visual & Interactive Design
Marleen Visser
Vlogger/Blogger, Copy Writer & Food photography
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I Started Ministry of MEDIA (in New Zealand in the summer of 2002 whilst traveling and working to earn a travelers living) with the idea that talent and creativity is everywhere, so why limit a design studio to its four walls? Upon returning to the Netherlands I wanted to reach out and tap into that creative energy and curate the best flexible project teams that can better and more efficiently address solutions to clients’ creative needs.


My personal ambition to bridge the divide between business, technology and design to MAKE THINGS BETTER... gave me the role of curator and creative director within Ministry of MEDIA. A role that up to this present day I fulfill with great love and joy!

Curated Creatives. Teaming the best talent in the industry.

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